I’m regularly asked questions by lovely people who are interested in becoming business analysts. Unfortunately are no easy answers here, but I have had a go at distilling what I learnt during my time as a BA, and want to pay forward anything that I can. To those that helped get me to where I am today, I thank you, and I hope you can see your influence within. 💟

If you are searching. I really hope you find some of what you need in here.

First things first

And the rest was history…

The best part of twenty years ago, a rag-tag group of self proclaimed “organizational anarchists” got together and penned the agile manifesto. They set out to influence the way the software industry thinks and operates…

In that they succeeded.

What they perhaps didn’t intend or expect is the far greater reaching, multi-disciplined, industry-agnostic movement with so much momentum that it may very well change the face of work as we know it.

With something of this nature and magnitude, there comes the issue of interpretation. …

What is your relationship to silence like? Do you love it? Hate it? Do you spend any time during the week deliberately in silence?

And how often do you feel like you are at your best?

If you are anything like me, you are probably all very busy people. However I feel that we are all TOO busy, and that we, as a society, are collectively missing out on a crucial part of what it is to be human.

In 2018 I spoke at LAST Conference about my journey “from Apathy to Intent”. The year that proceeded was far bigger…

Or… Fonzie says “get outta the way”

This was the story that inspired my talk at LAST conference 2019. I have since re-written it in the form of a transcript. I think I shall keep the old one as a effigy to continuous improvement and as a memory of a very strange time in my career and life. For a link to the newer version click here.

I think I’m back! Not that this has ever been particularly frequent… but I feel like it should/could be. It has really been on my mind (and heart) to articulate some of the things I have been wrestling with.


For those unable to attend, this is my write-up of my session from LAST Conference 2018, my first formal speaking arrangement. Here it is, in all its glory! This was a half hour talk, so hopefully not too long to read.

I remain grateful to the people that made it to see me at the conference, and those that have provided feedback since. I have been overwhelmed by the encouragement, and now the only question on my mind is “what next?”.


My talk is titled “from apathy to intent”, as I feel this sums it up my experience of career…

Justin Holland

Human-centred Agilist 🦸 Product crafts-person 🔨 Communicator ✏️ Big Thinker 🧠

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